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BPMN2WF is a prototype application for transforming BPMN models into Workflow Foundation (WF) code. The project is targeting the actual version of Workflow (Version 4.0). It started with an analysis and a proof of concept to get an impression of the complexity and decide the technical approach. Development focuses on flexibility and the ability for enhancements and customization of transformation and mappings.

The project contains the following components:
  • BPMN2WF Core -> The conversion engine´s core. The Core is used by all the different existing User Interfaces.
  • Headsight.BPMN2WF.WF.Activities -> Example “User Defined” Workflow Activities.
  • Console Application -> User Interface for BPMN to WF conversion on console.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Application -> Wizard based User Interface for conversion.
  • Visual Studio Integration -> Conversion integrated into Visual Studio 2010 for directly converting BPMN files into existing ASP.NET projects.

Underlying technologies and specifications:
  • BPMN 2.0 XML workflow model descriptions (in the following just BPMN or BPMN XML)
  • Microsoft WF 4.x (just and mostly WF in the following) or higher, workflows represented in XAML
  • WF execution environment:
    • Because of WF4.x any MS technology being capable to host the WF 4.x workflow engine:
    • Windows Azure, AppFabric, Programmatic .NET 4.x
    • Consequently: BPMN2WF does not target WF3.5 and therefore resulting workflows may not be run directly within SharePoint Server 2010. But of course SharePoint 2010 may be used for interacting with WF4.x workflows as presentation / user interaction technology (whereas the workflows themselves are running within any WF4.x compliant execution environment)
  • BPMN2WF itself is developed in C# 4.x / .NET 4.x



Wizard-based conversion

fully integrated into Visual Studio 2010

Accessing conversion core via console app

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